Check out: Klara Kazmi

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I just found this artist on the mp3 blog Meadow Music (who once gave a good review of Obedient Minds)!

I just felt I had to write something about her…

She’s born in eastern Poland but grew up in Sweden. Klara Kazmi makes sweet music that breaths soul influnced by reggae, and I have to agree with Pär Berglund at Meadow Music when he writes: “She has a smooth nice voice, reminding a little of Macy Gray”

On Klara’s website she’s offering a free download of her Quest For Klarity EP! She’s also got a nice recipe suggestion area and something called Affirmations: “Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to transform your thought patterns and create a better reality”

Here’s the video for Go with the flow:

She’s apparently working on some new material at the moment so stay tuned to her blog! I highly recommend checking her out!

Klara Kazmi’s website

Klara Kazmi’s blog

Klara Kazmi – Go With the Flow

Klara Kazmi – Lalaland

Download “Quest For Klarity EP”