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musicistheweaponmitw_frontMusic Is The Weapon started out as a tribute band to the African funk legend Fela Kuti, but now they’re also writing their own songs continuing in the same spirit as Fela. They’re one of the funkiest band I’ve ever heard that comes from Sweden and their music fills me with joy and makes the sun shine through my window as I’m writing this, even though the sky is grey outside! You can hear that these people play this music just because they love it… Man! I can’t sit still! Listen to the track below and you’ll understand my enthusiasm!

Music Is The Weapon – Copyriot Feat. Lasse Fabel

If you’re in Stockholm on the 2nd of July I highly recommend go see them play live at Fasching! I’ll definitely be there!!

You can buy CD:s and Mp3:s on their CD Baby page:

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