The Mumlers

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I’ve found a new band to love! The Mumlers are a six-man band from San Jose. The front man Will Sprott, vocals and guitar, writes all their songs which becomes a nice mix between blues, folk, soul and jazz together with the rest of the group. It’s all packed together in a dirty 1950s-60s flavored sound.

The group has released two albums and a music video where they were turned into zombies. Even though they’ve been very successful they still work at their daytime jobs and play local shows around San Jose.

Here’s how they describe their music on facebook:

“The mumlers are a collection of despots who materialized out of thick air. will, creates a skeleton of music and brings it to the rest of the band, who then adds muscle (james), phat (pheelicks), flesh (john). andy, the drummer, adds a heart beat and a song is born…”
Check out their latest album at Spotify: The Mumlers – Don’t Throw Me Away


Don’t Throw Me Away – Don’t Throw Me Away (2009)
Tangled Up With You – Don’t Throw Me Away (2009)
Red River Hustle – Thickets & Stitches (2008)

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