Gigs and stuff…

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On the 18th of June I played a gig at the street music festival Make Musik STHLM in Stockholm, Sweden. The gig went well after a few obstacles, two guards from the Swedish government didn’t want to let me play at first since the scene was situated outside the swedish parliament. After a long discussion they […]


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I’ve found a new fun site called Thounds. “Thounds is a music platform, easily accessible through a social network.
 Thounds helps people capture their musical inspirations which can be recorded live with a computer microphone or by plugging in a real instrument. Finished tracks can be shared through blog pages, Facebook, Myspace, Virb and other popoluar […]

More music in production!

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Now that the “Acoustic demo” is out I’ve started to work on my next project… currently I’m working on the songs on the Acoustic demo to release more produced versions of the songs… some of them will sound quite different from how they sounded on the EP… better or worse? I don’t know… it will […]

Back in business…

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I’ve had a nice holiday for two weeks… been in my sweet home country Sweden visiting some friends and family… But now it’s time again to start work on some music… in the upcoming weeks I plan to release some acoustic versions of songs that I’m gonna put on an EP that will see the […]